Monday, May 14, 2007

Season to Date:

So far, I have played two full rounds of golf and 14 holes of a practice round:

April 22: A season-opening 91 at The Fairways in Warrington, Pa. Shaking off the rust of a six-month layoff, the season got got to a better start than I anticipated. My putting was pretty good, but I was hitting the to far left off the tee and with my irons. I need to bring my draw under control, but the season is early.

April 29: A 92 for my first round at Juniata Golf Club. Again, my draw is untamed and I am hitting big hooks instead of my normal draw. The greens are ridiculously slooooooow, so putting is almost impossible. Take away a 9 on the Par 3 13th and I could have done better. But, overall, things are not looking too bad. The over-draw is correctable.

May 12: Juniata was closed for an outing, so I headed to Walnut Lane Golf Club at the last minute. Armed with four new clubs (see my next post), I played 14 holes of a practice round, until lightning, thunder and rain caused me to abandon play. I played some holes well, some holes medicore, and some holes extremely bad. Putting continues to be good, but I have to work on my swing. I think I have gotten away from my more upright swing in favor of a more rounded swing, which is casing my to 1) hit the ball off the heel of the club on tee shots, and 2) pull most of my shots way left. I must keep my swing thought to be more up-and-down as opposed to around my body the next time I play.

Overall, my play hasn't been that bad for having six months off. The swing is fixable, putting has been pretty good, and my course management isn't as rusty as I thought it might be. I have made some recent equipment changes which I am excited about and will outline in my next post....