Monday, May 28, 2007

Practice Round

Bethlehem Golf Club Executive Course
Bethlehem, Pa.
Yards: 4906, Par: 68
Score: Practice Round
Date: May 26, 2007

My Sunday golf with Brian Morris was canceled on Friday, so I played a practice round at Bethlehem Golf Club's Executive Course on Saturday afternoon when we arrived at my sister-in-law's house near Easton, Pa. The Executive Course was a great opportunity for me to work on my game, especially the new hybrids and the 4 wood. I was really pleased with how these clubs performed. The 4 wood was good off the tee and the hybrids were really good from some squirrely lies in the rough and off the tee. The greens had been aerated, so putting was iffy. Because the greens there are elevated and small, I had ample opportunity to practice my chipping. I worked a bit on opening the blade of my sand wedge to land the ball softer and the results were promising. I played some holes very well, some okay, and some pretty poorly. But the practice was good and I feel I am gaining some confidence for the rest of the season.

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