Thursday, May 24, 2007

New 4 Wood

I ordered an Adams Redline RPM 4 Wood from last week and it arrived today. It has 17 degrees of loft and will be replacing my 3 Wood in the bag. I talked with my Brian, the husband of wife's friend Noreen, tonight about golfing on Sunday at Fox Hollow in Quakertown, Pa. They are having a barbecue for Memorial Day and Noreen's birthday, so timing might be tough. Brian is going to call to try and get a tee time for around 11 a.m., so we'll see what happens. I might have an opportunity to play in Bethlehem, Pa., on Saturday, since we are going to visit my wife's sister overnight. They have a great public course in Bethlehem, as well as a very good short, or executive, course, which is what I would probably play. I have found the short course to be great for practice, and at this point in the season, some practice rounds certainly wouldn't hurt.

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