Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Looking for the Secret on the Mat

Fishers Glen Driving Range
4717 Fishers Lane
Philadelphia, Pa

Ben Hogan said that the secret was in dirt. What he meant was the secret to the golf swing was working on it at the practice range. Well, Fishers Glen doesn't have a grass hitting area, it has mats, so I found myself with a medium size bucket of balls this evening looking for my swing. I put my old TaylorMade 200 irons, 300 Series 7-wood and Burner Driver back in the bag to see that might help. I did hit the ball a little bit better, but I am still hitting more of a slight fade as opposed to my normal draw. But I do feel I am getting closer to finding the secret. Tonight I started with hitting eight balls with my Gap Wedge, then 10 each with my 9-, 7-, 5- and 4-irons. I then hit eight balls with my 4-wood, before finishing with the Driver. I hit nine with my TaylorMade Burner and eight with my Wilson Staff Spine. It was not my best practice session, but it was certainly encouraging. I am hoping to play one more practice round--perhaps this Sunday at the Bethlehem Golf Club's Executive Course.


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