Sunday, April 5, 2009

The First 9 of of 2009

Juniata Golf Club
Philadelphia, Pa
Yards: 2735/2070 - 4680
Par: 34/31 - 65
Rating: 63.2, Slope: 106
Score: Practice Round
Date: April 5, 2009

The weather and my schedule finally allowed to hit the links for the first practice round of 2009. I headed over to Juniata Golf Club for the first nine holes of the year. Because of the beautiful weather--sunny skies, 60+ degrees and moderate April winds--the course was a bit crowded and slow. I teamed up on the 1st hole with Frank and his stepson, Tim, who is just starting to learn the game. We had a great time playing together. Also, the walking I have been doing twice a week has helped my physical conditioning as I felt no fatigue, especially in legs, during or after the round.

The 4th Hole at Juniata

Overall, with only making it to the driving range once so far this season, I should not be too disappointed with my results today. I played some decent holes, some mediocre holes and some very bad holes. Off the tee, I did well when I didn't use the driver, hitting four out of seven fairways. I especially hot my new Sonartec SS-07 4-wood well. My irons were mixed, but it is only the second I have played with the Wilson Staff Di7s I purchased at the end of last season. I did not, however, hit one green in regulation. My chipping and pitching was mediocre at best, but that is mainly due to the winter's build up of rust. Putting wasn't that far off and I only three-putted one green, while averaging two putts per green. I think with some consistent practice. my game will round into shape rather quickly.

New Juniata Golf Club Scorecard

As for Juniata, the course was in pretty good shape for so early in the season. There were only a few bare patches in the fairways and the greens looked and played pretty well. There was also a lot of evidence of the ongoing work being done at the course. One interesting new wrinkle is the new Juniata scorecard, which is the centerfold of a course yardage book. There is also room to chart your round's stats, such at fairway hit, GIR, sandsaves and putts.

New Juniata Golf Club Yardage Book

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