Monday, April 27, 2009

Less Thinking...Less Stinking?

Juniata Golf Club
Philadelphia, Pa
Yards: 2735/2070 - 4680
Par: 34/31 - 65
Rating: 63.2, Slope: 106
Score: Practice Round
Date: April 26, 2009

Sunday afternoon I played another practice round at Juniata Golf Club. Trying to take the lesson I learned at the Driving Range Wednesday onto the course, I did hit the ball slightly better, but my game is still far from where I want it to be...or think it should be. It is really difficult to play when you are concentrating so much on swing thoughts each time you stand over the ball. Maybe I have not adjusted to the Wilson Staff equipment I switched to at the end of last season? There is only one way to see if the equipment is what has my game so out-of-whack. I am putting my old TaylorMade Driver, 7-wood, irons and golf ball back into the bag for my final practice round of the year. Depending on how that goes, I'll seriously evaluate if the switch was the best for my game.

Silent Gallery--A deer watched my tee off
at the 16th Hole

Photo by The Muni Golfer


Anonymous said...

I was down there Sunday also. Managed to shoot an 89. Stick with the new clubs and turn the brain off. Nothing screws up a good game like too much thinking. Just my opinion.

The Muni Golfer said...

I shot an 89 too...but then I had to play the last two holes. I think going back to the TaylorMade equipment might make me more comfortable right now, which is what I need. Besides getting to the practice range more often!

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