Thursday, September 18, 2008

Walking is in the Bag, Part 2

Back in August I purchased a Sun Mountain "Mini" golf bag because I was looking for a lighter replacement for my Sun Mountain Superlight 3.5 bag, since I walk nearly 99 percent of the rounds I play. As I noted then, the bag was able to accommodate a full 14 clubs, but it was a very snug fit. Although I had planned to take this bag to Delaware, I ultimately decided to continue using my 3.5 stand bag on the trip. When I returned home, I ordered a Sun Mountain's Swift stand bag from, which is a bit larger at the top. The bag arrived today and I transferred my clubs and gear over this evening. Although the Swift only has a two-way full length divider, it's 7.5 inch diameter--as opposed to 7 inches for the Mini--definitely accommodates 14 clubs much easier. And at a mere three pounds, it was super light once I got everything from my 3.5 into the new bag. I plan to use this bag during my round this weekend and will report back in a future post. I also plan on hanging on to the "Mini" bag, as I feel it will be useful for those rounds when I don't want to carry 14 clubs, when I play at a Par 3 course, or for a trip to the practice range when I only want to bring a handful of clubs.


John Burzynski said...

I have carried a Titlesit X70 Sunday Bag for about two years now for almost every round I play, and it works wonderfully. The 7-1/2" top hold 14 clubs if needed ( I usually carry 11 or 12), and the only drawback is that the bag does not have a hard firm bottom.

I find carrying a smaller bag to make my golfing more enjoyable.

The Muni Golfer said...

Thanks for reading my blog! The Sun Mountain Swift has a hard bottom and retractable legs. Just putting it on my back last night I could tell it is going to make walking that much easier. It it was surprising the different a half-inch makes in fitting 14 clubs into the bag.

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