Sunday, August 12, 2007

In the 90s at Juniata Golf Club

Juniata Golf Club
Philadelphia, Pa.
Yards: 4805, Par: 66
Score: 49/46 + 95
Date: August 12, 2007

The temperature was in the 90s and so was my score as I played a round this afternoon at Juniata Golf Club. I started out well with a 4 at the downhill Par 3 1st Hole, then made a birdie 3 at the short Par 4 second Hole. But a poor tee shot at the 3rd Hole derailed by round as a hacked it up the fairway for an 8. At the 4th, I hit a beautiful 3-Wood off the tee and had about 85 yards to the flag, but thinned my wedge over the green and made a double bogey 6. I limped through the rest of the front nine in 49 strokes.

Things started promisingly on the back nine. I got up and down for a par 3 at the 10th Hole, and made three consecutive 4s at Holes 13 through 15. Up another poor tee shot at the 16th caused me to again hack it up the fairway. I finally hit the ball into some deep, thick grass just short and left of the front of the green. It took three hacks to get the ball out and when I finally dropped my putt into the cup, I walked off with a 10! I managed to sink a 20-foot putt for par at the 17th Hole and got home in a disappointing 46.

Although I drank as much water as I could on the course, I simple wilted under today's heat. I struggled the last 4-5 Holes with my legs feeling like rubber. In addition, I been unable to find any consistency in my swing, and hence, my game. I'll play well for a few Holes, then really bad for a few Holes. Or I'll play one Hole per nine that will just blow score up. But I'll keep working at it and hopefully, the results will start to some. I am somewhat encouraged that I have made birdies the past two weeks, and now have five for the season.

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