Thursday, August 2, 2007

Equipment Changes

I've made a few changes in the equipment in my golf bag. I recently picked a slightly used TaylorMade Burner Driver, the newest in TaylorMade's line. A lot of the golfers on the various professional tours are putting the new TM Burner Driver in their bags. I found this Driver on the pre-owned rack at Golfsmith. It looked like someone had taken it to a driving range, hit a few balls and traded it in. It barely had a mark on it. I took it to the practice range tonight and hit a bucket of balls. I like the feel of it and when hit correctly, is pretty long. I started out hitting hard hooks, but gradually worked it into either straight or a slight draw. I believe I have enough confidence right now to put it in my bag.

I also recalled an old friend: a 16-degree Golfsmith XPC Plus 3-Wood. I took it back to Golfsmith and had an Aldila NV 65 shaft put in it. I've had this club for more than 10 years and it has been one of the most trustworthy, reliable clubs I have ever played. I will replace my Adams 4-Wood with it in my current club make-up.

I'm feeling really good about my game right now and I think these few changes will help boost my confidence and my game even further.

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