Saturday, March 3, 2018

Peeble Beach By Way of the Amazon

One of my Christmas gifts this past holiday was a $25 gift card for Although I do order a lot of things online, particularly golf equipment, I have never ordered anything from Amazon. So this was a great opportunity to experience what the online retailer was all about.
Since Pebble Beach is my favorite golf apparel, I decided to explore what Amazon offered. As luck would have it, I found a nice Pebble Beach 1/4-zip pullover, with a chest pocket. While Peeble Beach describes the color of the pullover as Iron and Heater, it is really black with a grayish trim. It's price fell just within the gift card's amount, so I ordered it.
In placing my order, Amazon offered me free shipping if my order totaled $30 or more. This enticement led me to add a faux alligator scorecard holder from Fairway4 to my cart. Both arrived last week.
The pullover looks good, fits nicely and has a very soft feel. It will be perfect both on the course and practice range during the cool weather in the early spring  and late fall. I can't wait to wear it over one of my Pebble Beach golf shirts in the very near future.

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