Sunday, November 18, 2007

Some Golfing Odds and Ends

I haven't been able to hit the links, but I have made a few recent golf-related purchases. First, I was in a local Walmart and decided to check out the golf equipment in the sporting goods section. A Dunlop Loco 7-Wood caught my eye. Perhaps it was the bright yellow Harrison Fairway XL shaft or just the way it looked and felt in my hands, but at less than $50, I figured I had to give it a try. I've put it in the bag and will give a try to see if it can win a permanent spot next season.

Secondly, while celebrating our wedding anniversary with a get-away weekend in Lewes-Rehoboth Beach, Delaware, I hit the new Under Armour outlet and picked up a ColdGear Longsleeve Mock. As the temperatures start to dip below the 50s, this will make a nice base foundation undergarment to wear on the course. Paired with a golf polo and a wind shirt, it should keep me warm as I walk the course during those playable November through March rounds. Just as long as the temperatures and wind chills stay above the freezing point!

I've also received my Dick's Sporting Goods bonus points gift certificate in the mail. Although it is only for $10, I'll put it towards a box of Maxfli Noodle golf balls, which will be good balls to play with in the cold weather. In cold weather, it is best to pick a compression ball like the Noodle, which won't feel like you're hitting a rock as other, more premium golf balls do in the cold temperatures.


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