Sunday, November 4, 2007

Fall Weather Has Finally Arrived, But the Golf Goes On

The temperatures have finally dropped into the 50s and the fallen leaves cover the ground, but there's still plenty of golf left to be played. It is time to dig out the cooler weather golfing apparel and gear. Instead of a golf polo and shorts, I'll start wearing a golf shirt, khakis and a wind shirt or an adidas fleece pullover that I picked up from The Golf Warehouse. When it really starts to get cold--temps in the 40s--I'll start layering what I wear, beginning with a Mizuno Breath Thermo Performance Mock, which keeps your body heat in while wicking sweat away. My headwear will also switch from visors to caps, since a lot of our body's heat escapes through our head. I have also picked up a pair of TaylorMade cold weather gloves for when it really gets cold and windy.

Golf Magazine's Web site has also come out with a terrific "Winter Survival Guide" for us true golf fanatics which offers great tips for playing in the cold, dressing to play in the cold, how to keep your game and your body in shape when it gets too cold to play, and great places to visit and play during the winter where it isn't cold. I know a lot of guys put their clubs away once the summer ends, but as long as the mercury (and the wind chill) stays north of the 30s, I'll continue to hit the links.