Thursday, March 19, 2020

Under the Knife

Two weeks ago, I underwent surgery to repair an inguinal hernia in my right groin area. An inguinal hernia occurs when tissue protrudes through a weak spot on the abdominal muscles.

I first became aware of the hernia early last summer, when I would experience discomfort while standing for a lengthy period of time. The discomfort would quickly subside once I sat down. With each passing week and month, the discomfort came quicker and more frequently.

In October, during a routine visit with my physician, I made them aware of this discomfort. My doctor said what I was describing sounded like a hernia, and verified it through a physical exam of the area. However, a subsequent ultrasound failed to show the hernia.

In early January, my doctor ordered a CAT scan, which clearly diagnosed the inguinal hernia. I met with a surgeon, was cleared to have surgery by my cardiologist, and the repair was scheduled for late in the month. However, a severe cold, which later turned into pneumonia, forced the surgery to be postponed until two week ago.

Following the successful surgery, I was instructed to limit my activity as part of my recovery. A followup exam last Friday with the surgeon showed the repair is healing nicely. While I do have restrictions in how much I can lift and other activities, the doctor said I could return to the gym in a few weeks, which will allow to start getting my stamina and fitness back.

My golf, however, has been put on indefinite hold while I go through my post-repair recovery. The surgeon said that right now, the force of a golf swing could cause re-injury. He said it could be two months or more before I can begin hitting golf balls. This will delay the start of my golf season until at least mid-May.

As you may recall, I had heart bypass surgery in March 2017, which delayed my golf season until August, which resulted in me only being able to play about three rounds that fall. So being delayed until May or June is not going to ruin my golf season.

I have another followup appointment with the surgeon in mid-April. I am hopeful that he will clear me to at least begin putting, and perhaps some chipping, at that time. Until that time, all I will be able to do is watch golf videos and whatever content the Golf Channel is showing in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic.

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