Tuesday, June 19, 2012

A Fair Day at The Fairways

The Fairways Golf & Country Club
Warrington, Pa
Yards: 2255/2248 - 4503
Par: 32/33 - 65
Rating: 62.1, Slope: 104
Score: 43/47 = 90
Date: June 18, 2012

Hoping to put Saturday's really bad round at Franklin D. Roosevelt Golf Club behind me, I teed it up Monday for the second time in a month at The Fairways Golf & Country Club. The Fairways is always in great shape and this round was no different. It was overcast most of the day, which kept the heat and humidity down and made for a comfortable round. The starter matched me up with Larry and Janet on the First Hole and off we went. One of my priorities for this round was to drive the ball more consistently off the tee and put myself in better positions to score.I amde tow changes to my clubs, swapping out my Wilson Staff Smooth Driver for a TaylorMade R9 and my Solus 56-degree sand wedge was replaced with a 59-degree Solus wedge.

 The Fifth Hole, a 372-yard Par 4

On the front nine, I was much better off the tee, finding the fairway or green on the First, Third and Fifth Holes. At the Second and Sixth Holes, I was just left and right of the fairways, respectively, but still had decent shots to the green. At the Par 3 Fourth Hole I found the left bunker and at the Seventh I also missed the green left. Through the first seven holes, I had all 4s and 5s on the scorecard, which included two double bogeys at Par 3s. The double bogeys were more a result of my short game failing me than my tee shots. At the Eighth Hole, I pushed my tee shot right over a large tree that guards the right side of the fairway and had an open shot at the green from the rough. I came up short left with a 7-iron however, barely chipped on, then four-putted for a 7. I hit my first really bad tee shot at the Ninth when I hit it fat and short leading to another double bogey and a front nine 43.

 The Sixteenth Hole, a 323-yard Par 4

The back nine started off with a thinned three wood at the Tenth that found the first cut of rough, but I hit a wedge on the green and two-putted for a par. Then the first breakdown occurred. A local only permits an iron off the tee at the 291-yard Par 4 Eleventh, which doglegs right; not the kind of shot that favors someone who plays a draw. I pulled my 6-iron left and from the rough about 180-yards out, I hit my hybrid right and out-of-bounds.  This led to a triple-bogey 7. My 8-iron at the Par 3 Twelfth, a hole I birdied a month ago, found the left bunker and I took three shots to get out. Another triple-bogey 7. I regrouped and found the fairway with a 3-wood at the Thirteenth and made par. I hit the green on the Par 3 Fourteenth, but three-putted for a bogey. I also found the green at the Par 3 Fifteenth, but I two-putted this time for my sixth par of the round. Then came the second breakdown. The last few holes have really plagued me this year, and this round was no exception. At the 323-yard Sixteenth, I hit 3-wood to be safe, but pushed it right a hit a tree, which led to a lost ball and a double bogey. At the 374-yard Seventeenth, I hit the ball off the heel of the driver and barely made it as far as the red tees. Three hacks up the fairway and a three-putt equaled a triple bogey. I hit a low short hook off the 334-yard dogleg right Eighteenth, but recovered to make a bogey. This added up to a back nine 47 and total of 90 for the round.

 The tee shot at the Eighteenth Hole

So after two rounds at The Fairways, I have recorded two 90s. My front nine Monday was eight strokes better than my front nine a month ago--51-42; but my back nine was eight strokes worse--39-47. I had six pars in my most recent round, compared to one birdie and four pars a month ago. But most importantly, I put the ball in play better this round, which meant no 8s or 9s on the scorecard like last month. Lets hope I can carry it over and it starts to become the rule, rather than the exception.

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