Saturday, April 10, 2010

Friday Night Lights

Burholme Golf Center
401 Cottman Avenue
Philadelphia, Pa

Tonight I moved my practice from my usual spot at Fishers Glen to Burholme Golf Center, a large, lighted facility located in Fox Chase. A dip from our recent record heat spell, plus a gusty wind that sent the temperatures down into the low 50s, meant that Burholme was less crowded than one might expect on a Friday night this early in the season. Because of the lights, Burholme tends to draw a lot of golfers for afterwork and evening practice, as well as couples on date night. I paid $8 for a medium-sized bucket of ball--about 65-70 according to their price guide--and took up a spot on the far left of the range near the batting cages. Burholme has about a dozen covered, heated hitting stalls, but they are usually quite congested.
Under the lights at Burholme Golf Center
After some stretching, I warmed up with 10 sand wedges, then hit 10 pitching wedges, 10 8-irons, 10 6-irons, 10 3-hybrids, 7 4-woods off the mat and finished with 7 Drivers for a total of 64 balls. Because I left the house without my typical alignment sticks, I placed two wedges on the ground as aids. I focused on my alignment as well as my ball striking and tempo. Although my tempo was not as good as it has been in previous sessions, this was probably the most consistant session I've had on teh practice range in terms of ball striking. I hit a few fat or thin shots, but overall, I hit the ball as solidly as I have in any practice in 2010. My only problem how is finding the time to take my game from the practice range to the golf course.
Photos by The Muni Golfer


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