Tuesday, April 15, 2008

A Test to Look Forward to and Something Heavy

The Muni Golfer is a member of the PGA Tour Partners Club and one of the perks of membership is being called on test different equipment from time-to-time. Yesterday, I received my latest test assignment: Bridgestone's new e6+ golf balls. As a tester, you are asked to play or use the assigned equipment as soon as possible, weather permitting. Once you have done that, you fill out a Product Test Report form, giving your review of this product. Using these reports from fellow testers, the product is later reviewed in the PGA Tour Partners magazine. I will give you an advanced peek of my review once my testing is complete.

I have also order the Power Hitter Driver from Momentus Golf. It is a hittable weighted practice driver that helps you obtain distance and accuracy off the tee. I order the 275 model, which has a 275 gram club head, combined with a 200 gram shaft. This model is designed for golfers with a club head speed between 85-110 mph. The Power Hitter is endorsed by Long Driving Champion Sean "The Beast" Fister, and is used on the practice range by a number of Tour Pros, most notably Vijay Singh. The Power Hitter also comes with a an instructional DVD, as well as a DVD of driving tips from Fister. As a bonus, Momentus is including the Short Game Wizard lob wedge, which has a 175 gram shaft and is designed to help you develop touch, control and accuracy with your wedges, bunker shots and short game. And they are legal to play with! While I probably replace my current Solus wedges with the Short Game Wizard, I will use it for practice.

In addition to the Power Hitter, I also ordered Momentus Golf's EEZ-READ, a small device that can be used to read the break on the greens. According to Momentus Golf's Web site, EEZ-READ is "a high accuracy 'bubble level' attached to a watchmaker's grade stainless steel disc that's sturdy enough to provide a quick reading of the green's contours, yet lightweight enough to carry in your pocket during play. It is intended to help golfers on putts with subtle or confusing breaks and works best on putts within 20 feet of the hole." While it is illegal to use in competition or in posted rounds, it will again be a help during practice rounds.

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Anonymous said...

"I highly recommend this product for someone who is looking for an easier way to read greens. This product has greatly improved my overall putting average by 4 strokes per round."

-Mark Forester.