Monday, February 18, 2008

The Golf Show is Coming!

A sure sign that the golf season is just over the horizon is the fact that the Victory Golf Show is just two weeks away. The show will be held Feb. 29-March 2 at the Valley Forge Convention Center. Admission is $5 on Friday and $10 on Saturday and Sunday. The show features some 100 vendors offing equipment, demonstrations, information booths, travel and course information, seminars, a demo range, FREE PGA lessons, and HUGE discounts on all kinds of golf equipment and merchandise. All entrants also receive a FREE goodie bag.

For those of you, like The Muni Golfer, who have not been able to play because of the winter weather or other reasons, the golf show offers a great opportunity to get off the couch and begin focusing on the links again. Whether you are just browsing, looking for some new or used equipment, need to pick up some golf balls or maybe some news golf shoes or attire, the golf show is the place to get your mind back on the warm weather, lush, green fairways or fast, smooooth greens.

This is the second for the Victory Golf Show. It has replaced the old Greater Philadelphia Golf Show, which has been without a home since the Fort Washington Expo Center closed two years ago. The Victory Golf Show is co-sponsored by Victory Golf Pass, the Philadelphia Section PGA, Chesapeake Golf Club and Play Golf


Dogface said...

Which day(s) are you going? I'm planning to head up there after work on Friday. I'll miss out on the Main Floor stuff, but my weekend's booked, so it's the best I can do. Hopefully I'll get a goodie bag and find a bargain or three.

The Muni Golfer said...

Hey Perfectdrive, sorry I missed your post. I went on Sunday. Picked up two hybrids (4+5) from Rock Bottom Golf. Also got a golf towel which hooks on your bag and doubles as a rain hood. Prices seemed to slashed somewhat from what I could tell. Did you pick up any good bargains?

Dogface said...

Nothing major - just a pair of shoes, some used balls and a couple of gloves. BTW, I started up my new blog, but nothing much to write about yet.

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